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Orders, Deliveries & Returns


     1.1.All order made by you shall be deemed to be an offer made by you to purchase the selected products(s) and quantities set out in your order upon these Terms of Use. All orders shall be subject to acceptance by KadaiRuncit. Processing of payment for an order shall not in itself constitute acceptance of the order by KadaiRuncit, provided that where an order for any product(s) is rejected or cancelled by KadaiRuncit, any payment made for such order shall be reversed or refunded by KadaiRuncit in accordance with our prevailing refund policy at such time.

     1.2.All orders made by you are subject to stock availability. KadaiRuncit reserves the right to cancel, amend or reject your order in whole or in part, at any time and without liability or compensation, where any products is out of stock, damaged or spoilt, or unavailable for any other reason. KadaiRuncit reserves the right to limit your order or the quantity of a particular product you may order.

Deliveries & Return


      1.1.Delivery slots are subject to availability

      1.2.Bulk orders may be subjected to a different delivery cost and may require a longer delivery time to be fulfilled. “Bulk order” means an order for any product that comprises quantities of beyond 30 units, unless otherwise stated in writing by KadaiRuncit.

     1.3. KadaiRuncit will endeavour to deliver the products to your delivery address within the delivery time frame selected by you, but does not and cannot guarantee that the delivery time frames will be met as there may be factor outside of our control which may result in early or delayed deliveries such as weather, traffic, haze, etc. You agree that KadaiRuncit shall not be liable for any deliveries made outside the delivery time frame. If your designated delivery location is inaccessible, rendering us unable to make the delivery, we will contact you to determine the best alternative location and/or date.

     1.4.Please notify KadaiRuncit immediately of any change to your delivery address, date or time of delivery, or contact number. Any changes in the delivery address or date or time of delivery after the submission of your order may incur an administrative charge of BND$5. 

     1.5. KadaiRuncit uses proprietary cooling systems to maintain the quality and integrity of your products. To maintain the integrity of products after delivery,  we recommend that you immediately refrigerate or free perishable items.

      1.6. KadaiRuncit aims to provide our customers more options for receiving their orders. For certain deliveries, KadaiRuncit provides the option for having your orders left at your doorstep as an “Unattended Delivery”. Please note that some orders won't be eligible for Unattended Delivery and no one is available to accept delivery of the order, the Driver will leave you order unattended on or in front of your premises. While we encourage you to retrieve your groceries as soon as possible once delivered, our packaging is designed to maintain the correct temperature of your products for up to 1 hour after the end of your delivery window. Where you specifically instruct KadaiRuncit to leave your delivery outside the door of the specified delivery address, such delivery (including unattended alcohol) shall be at your sole risk and you accept all liability and risk of loss, theft, and damage.  For all other deliveries, please arrange for someone to receive the delivery and sign off the delivery invoice or device.

      1.7.If an order is cancelled, or if no one is at the delivery location to receive the order during the chosen delivery slot, KadaiRuncit reserves the right to charge a restocking fee equal to the sum of (1) 100% of the total dollar value of your perishable items (since our perishable items are custom-ordered and guaranteed fresh) plus (2) a re-delivery or cancellation fee of BND$ 5.00

      1.9. KadaiRuncit delivers case sizes of a variety of different goods, including laundry detergent, beverages, rice, etc.  Given the heavy weight of some of these products, and our concern for the health of our drivers, we have purchase limits on a variety of these items on our web site.  Also in the interest of safety, we do not deliver to walk-ups (a building without an elevator) about the 5th floor, or deliver more than 3 cases of beverages about the 4th floor.  In the event of a broken elevator, we also do not ask our drivers to carry groceries more than 5 floors.  Our technology cannot, and does not, enforce these limits.  We ask our customers to abide by these service limitations, as we may limit deliveries when orders exceed these requirements.  Again this limitation exists only to protect the health of our delivery staff.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

2. Returns

      2.1.We ask that you please check your order upon delivery. We do not provide accept any returns unless we have provided you an incorrect item than what you have ordered on our website.